Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A grievance

ArtGrupa has a very interesting challenge theme: something meaningful to you, like a fleeting moment when something happened and which isn't visible to others.

This made me think of global warming and something on a very personal level. I come from an arctic country. Before the global warming we had winters. We had snow, plenty of snow and we had ice. Ships did hard, they couldn't move without ice breakers. The coldness was something fierce, and in a snow storm the small hard snow pellets ate into your skin.
Having grown up with it I find it hard to let go. I miss snow, I miss cold, I miss ice.

This set arose from the feeling of profound loss.

Background is a riot of mixed media on an old book page, and I selected the found texts to echo the feelings one might have during a cold and icy snow storm.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Valoa ja varjoa / Light and shadows

Koukussa kortteihin vintage-haateen aihe on tällä kertaa Valoa ja varjoa. Ajattelin sen ihan kirjaimellisesti - taivas antaa valoa ja varjoa. Tosin kuvassa näkyy vain pilviä, niitä varjon tuojia, mutta pilvet on valaistu eli jossakin paistaa aurinko.

Naiset putoavat jostakin - tämähän voi olla myös kuvitteellinen matka. Tekstit löytyivät juuri lukemastani kirppispokkarista, jonka hyvällä omallatunnolla heti leikkelin.

Inspiroiduitko? KKvintage-haaste on avoinna kuukauden ajan ja siihen voi osallistua kahdella työllä.

I have just finished the book by Cecilia Ahern: Thanks for the memories. The prologue is rather dire - it's a grippling account of someone miscarrying and loosing lots of blood and debating whether to stay alive or just go. I portrayed four women in this journey between darkness and light. The words are from this prologue.
I haven't landed yet

Stop me from falling
Light fills my eyes
Only one is still reluctant:
There, not here.
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Witch children

These little witches-in-training have clearly a mind of their own.

- Why do I need to play? I want sedatives instead.

Really, child? What about your sister?

She has the bad habit that she sleeps in the night.
Well, we can see how this can be adverse to being a witch.

- Truth is pure imagination, says this little one.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

syksyn haikeutta / it's fall

Syksyn väreissä on vaikea tehdä iloisia kortteja. Niinpä kun mietin mitä tekisi KKvintagehaasteeseen oli yksi kriteerini, että lause siinä pitää olla. Ruskea ja lehdet sopivat syksyn teemaan, ja kuin itsestään valikoitui lauseita, joissa on hieman - haikeutta? Epämääräistä kitkaa?

Tämä olisi voinut olla toisinkin päin, ja ensi alkuun olikin: Rakastan sinua - mutta se ei käy. Nyt käännettynä toisin päin on merkitys aivan toinen:

Lehdet on stanssattuja. Leimasin niiden päälle kolmella mustetyynyllä (vihreä, punaruskea ja oranssi) ja suihkin päälle sekä ruskeaa että kullanväristä mistiä.  Pohja on tehty hiekkapaperilla käsiteltyyn pahviin, jossa oli vihreää kirjoitusta. Liimasin päälle muutaman palan tekstiä ja sottasin ruskealla geelivärillä. Painelin märkään väriin leimasimella lehtiä. Lopuksi ripottelin vihreää ja turkoosia vesiväriä isoiksi tipoiksi pohjalle ja suihkin kultamistiä päälle.
Toivottavasti inspiroiduit haasteeseen - ota kolme vihjettä ruudukosta. Lisää niihin muitakin elementtejä, käytä mielikuvitusta ja  rakenna sanojen ympärille aivan oma maailmasi!

A set of small mixed media works using inks, mists, die cuts, old photos, found words,  watercolor and gel paint.

Gel paint gives a nice translucent background. I stamped into it while it was still wet creating shadow prints of leaves and branches. Then I sprinkled it with some blue and turq watercolor and gold mist.

Let's not quarrel.

I love fall coloring. Leaves are starting to turn where I live - the tips of trees are yellow, red or  orange while the rest of the tree is still green.

Life is full of disappointments.
For my leaves I stamped them with mahagony, green and orange stamp pads, then sprayed brown and gold mist over it. This made the colors run into each other and blend nicely.

Please don't be mad with me anymore, darling.
The words are very fitting for fall I think. There is a wistfulness - whereas summer words would be happy. It's funny how the right words just pop when you leaf through a book. Have you tried?

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Other people's letters

Sometimes I would like to read other people's correspondence - what are they writing about? Trivialities, children, pets, or are they exchanging recepies? Or do people write about themselves, of things they've seen? Of their innermost thoughts? Of fears and concerns?
Friends used to write letters to each other, I wonder if they still do?

Today letters have been all but replaced by text messages, emails or facebook messages... but here I offer a few glimpses into letters, into a slow life and not so instant correspondence.

For me, monochrome is an excuse to use a neutral color - even though I do know any color can be treated tone-in-tone. But I do love my neutrals, especially after heavy doses of high colors as in my recent works.
Here I started with my absolute most favorite neutral ever, Hickory Smoke by Distress Inks.

Hickory Smoke is a complex color. Its value strongly depends on your surface and other materials. That makes working with it so exiting. Sometimes it is pure grey. At times it veers towards purple, at other times towards blue. Did I say how much I love it? Love it!

I stamped the writing hand onto a piece of vellum. I cut a small slit into the picture and inserted the feather.

The feathers were found one afternoon on our yard. We live close to a wood. A hazel grouse (link to awesome photos) had been snatched by a bigger bird which must have dropped it into our yard for some obscure reason. It had been a veritable death fight, feathers flying around.
But such perfect beautiful feathers! Grey, fluffy with peaks of elegant brow and rust. For this I selected the more tonal feathers.

With all this bla-bla about making it, have you been paying attention to the letters at all?  These friends have quite a lot to say to each other. Go now, and be inspired to write a letter to someone!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Put your thinking cap on

Water color for background, a stencil & stamping. That's always a recipe for good fun.

I made the background with distress ink (crushed olive) and water color (Prussian blue) on a wet water color paper. Then some reverse stenciling with some mud brown and a tree stencil. However, the reverse stenciling can only be done once, twice tops as it is already the remnants of a color. Never mind - the cool thing about water color is that all backgrounds look totally different.

Then I stamped some background.

And found some nice words.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meadow flowers

It's the last of the month and it as such a busy month I didn't get to play at as many challenges as I would have liked. But there is a new one, new to me that is - , and one where I hardly ever participate (I feel it might be a bit out of my league) but I absolutely wanted to make something for them.

Meadow flowers was the theme of one, using stencil was the other. I thought it would be fun to combine the two. I went with cherry pink from Infusions colors. It was also flicked twice before proceeding, letting it dry in between.

Underneath is half book page, half a handwritten note. On that there is translucent texture paste through a hexagon stencil, then some tiny dot stamping.

Flowers were stamped and fussy cut.

Lastly I printed out Latin names for field flowers and attached them, catching some embroidery thread in the process. The final touch was flicks of gold and some yellow and green micro beads.

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Fly home 2.

Another bird, same quote as on the tag a few days ago - this time the mood is a bit darker. The evening is closing on, home is still far away.

This journal page was made with stenciling, stamping, resist stamping, watercolor and Infusions.
I just love the way Infusions particles react when you sprinkle them over a wet surface.

The bird was stamped with embossing ink, then embossed with clear powder. (A few flakes of gold made it into it, I had just been playing around with sheet gold.)

The Big Dipper (made of silvery diamante dots) is guiding the bird as it flies home.
There is a key lying in the grass.  (With some more diamante dots, a second, this time colorless and raised stenciling above the first which I then highlighted with a rubbing of golden mica.)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When is the best courting time?

Is that a silly question? You can court anytime and people did. Or did they? Courting used to be seasonal, either in the slow months of winter or else in the short nights of summer. At least where I am sitting right now, that is Scandinavia.
These cards showing Frida Kahlo and the place being South America, perhaps there was no specific courting time. Although in one of the following atc's she is making the remark that she hated when it rained in July - now that might have been the best courting time.

I built these somewhat 3D with paper scraps, washi tape and pieces of cardstock.

Next came the fun part, spraying. I used a sunny yellow and orange colored Distress inks which I sprinkled with cherry Infusions flakes. I just love to see them give out their color in and blend with the ink. Some of them stayed put and created nice little sprinkles on top.

 Then I stamped it with a script stamp and added some diluted gesso highlights. The faces and fans are raised.
It was the BEST courting weather

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fly home!

The August Tim Holtz tag challenge introduced some nice techniques that I simply had to try. The brayered and flicked background technique immediately became my favorite, it produced such beautiful clean and airy look.
I used inks in colors Weathered Wood, Chipped Sapphire and Hickory Smoke. The first layer was weathered wood, gently diluted with a few drops of water. Next came weather wood mixed with chipped sapphire and hickory smoke, again with a few drops of water. It was flicked with water between brayering layers and the final drops are Infusions Black Knights - I like them because they start black but soon form vintage brown afterglow as well.

The die had ovals to be filled - I filled them with all sorts of linen. They soon reminded me of eggs. So I added  a flecked black feather (guinea fowl) and a charm birdie.

I could not find a text that would have fitted. I am mourning the fact that rub-ons seem to have all but vanished. Thankfully I am still hoarding a nice stash of rub-on letters, white among them. This way I was able to create my own phrase.
It was tied with a silk yarn. (Knitting yarn... Debbie Bliss if you should wonder. Takes dye well.)

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